2021-2022 Services

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Support Hours & Hourly Rates - Terms
After Hours Non-Contracted Support 8 Hours $800
(*Requires PrimeIT Foundation)
Prime IT
Hourly Rate $200 $125 $100/hr
Billed after hours exhausted
Customized Pricing per District
*See Below
Billing Increment 1 Hour 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Minimum Billable Time 2 Hours 2 Hours 30 Minutes
Hours Rollover between Fiscal Year No No No
Network Monitoring No No *See PrimeIT Detailed SNMP
Server Monitoring No No *See PrimeIT Detailed SNMP, WMI
Vulnerability Assessment No No *See PrimeIT 2 network scans per agreement, 1 per semester
PrimeIT Rates & Services - Terms

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Service Name Pricing Model Level-1
PrimeIT Foundation Tier-Enrollment $4,000 $5,000 $6,500 Custom
PrimeIT Security Tier-Enrollment $5,500 $6,500 $7,500 Custom
Service Name Pricing Model 1TB 3TB 5TB 6TB+
PrimeIT Backup Storage Based + Administrative $6,500 $7,400 $8,000 Custom
PrimeIT Foundation

Configuration Management*
VLAN Configuration*
Scheduled Maintenance & Updates
Advanced Content Filter Configurations*

Supported Roles/Services
  • Certificate Services
  • Directory Services (Active Directory & G-Suite)
  • Cloud (Redundant) Domain Controller
  • DHCP/DNS Support
  • Group Policy Management
  • Hyper-V
Server Planning/Recommendations
Scheduled Maintenance & Updates
PrimeIT Backup
Services Included:

Cloud storage
File and Image based backups
Bi-Weekly backup testing
PrimeIT Security
Services Included:

Vulnerability Scans
  • Monthly scans w/quarterly report
  • Critical vulnerabilities sent monthly as needed
  • Remediation Assistance
Network Audit
  • Review Firewall, Router, & Switch Configs
    • Provide report identifying issues
SB 820 Assistance
  • Access to all related session presentations created by Region 7
  • Provide email & phone assistance with questions regarding SB 820
Data Classification Help
  • Provide email & phone assistance
    • Explain data classification
    • Help identify types of classes of data schools own
    • Help identify who is likely to own types of data
    • Provide data classification advice
PrimeIT Support Hours
Services Included:

Provide hourly support for any support items not covered by PrimeIT*
  • On-site Support
  • New Configurations/Installations
  • Printer Support
  • Desktop Support
  • File Sharing Services
  • Backup Support
* Billing increment is 30 minutes (Minimum billable time 30 minutes)
* Travel time to and from site is billed at same rate
Infosec IQ - Security Awareness Training - Terms
Account Cost
Per Seat $3.15
Managed Methods - Terms
Account Type Cost per User
Staff $14.40
Student $0.95
Network Vulnerability Assessments - Terms
Network Size Cost per Scan/Report
/24 $800
/22 $1,200
/20 $2,400
Larger Networks Contact for Pricing
Webroot Antivirus Terms
Devices Cost per Device
Per Seat $9 per device
Wireless Site Survey (Heatmap) - Terms
Package Cost
Wireless Survey (with Reports) $1,500