Region 7 Technology Services

Helping schools embrace the power of technology to excel in 21st century learning.

We provide high speed, secure internet connectivity, TETN access, Network Administration, and more.
Region 7 is one of the first educational organizations in Texas to roll out a comprehensive IPv6 network.
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Internet Connectivity

Region 7 provides high speed internet access to school districts in the greater East Texas region.
We help plan, deploy and manage customized solutions that help meet your growing Technology needs.

We currently offer:

Active Directory Deployment & Support

Content Filtering

Dedicated Bandwidth

Backup Solutions

Internet Connectivity

IPv4 & IPv6 Address Space

Network Troubleshooting

On-Site Tech Support

TETN+ Access

Video Conferencing Services

Virtual Servers

Windows Server Deployment & Support

Ethernet Cabling

Remote Monitoring

Cloud Storage